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Our Philosophy


Our mission is to enable our students to realise their potential and make their dreams come true. This mission is achieved by our guiding philosophy of “Academics First” and “Student-at-the-Centre”.


Hence, based on its core beliefs on educational philosophy, we follow the “Student-at-the-Centre” and “Academics First” approach to achieve academic excellence. 


We believe in the age old saying, ”I hear – I forget, I see – I remember, I do – I understand”. Learning by doing, or experiential learning, is the methodology followed at A B School. Central to the approach is the creation of active experiences that encourage and facilitate the asking and answering of questions and lead to the beginning of understanding.


The A B School way-of-learning is centred around the student. The student’s participation, experience, voice and opinion matter to us the most.


We believe that young students learn differently at different stages of life. Our curriculum is tailor made to fit the learning needs of young students at varying stages of growth. Indus World School students pass through three distinct phases of learning, which we have termed – "Anand: Learning through Joy, Jigyasa: Discovering through experimentation and Sadhana: Practising to Perfection."

Ananda : (Nursery – Grade ll) Ananda is about learning through joy

Jigyasa : ( Grade lll – Grade Vlll ) Jigyasa is about learning through experimentation

Sadhana : (Grade lX – Grade Xll) Sadhna is about practising to perfection




At A B School, the Nursery to Grade II sections are called the Ananda phase. During the Ananda phase, our teachers pay a lot of attention to ensure that young students fall in love with the school environment. At A B School, young students learn in an environment where each child is respected for the way and pace at which she or he learns.



When young students do not fear the school or their teachers, they feel free to ask questions and are not afraid to make mistakes. This creates the spirit of inquiry (Jigyasa) in them, which makes them confident learners who truly understand what they learn. Our assessment systems are designed to test understanding and not reproduce facts.



A B School believes in making our students ready to face the world through scientific career guidance and stringent test preparation from Grade IX onwards. This is called the Sadhana phase, which focuses on disciplined effort towards a goal.